Get the best hotel rates

All your hotel suppliers in one place!
Hotel Smart is a very simple application for your travel agency, that searches your hotel suppliers and displays in your screen the best prices and availability. Your travel agency contracts and commercial agreements will be used, so you will not lose the relationship with your suppliers.

Simple and agile operation for increased profitability

Reduce you operational costs and give faster responses to your customers’ requests, as you will have all the information and prices in one single screen, instead of having multiple applications. Give to your operation a web based environment accessible anywhere, where hotel fares from the suppliers are compared and the best one is showed. Use the map to search for the best suitable property and book it, sending the voucher to your customer.

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For small and mid sized business

KEYforTravel OperationKey is the new package targeted to small and medium enterprises wishing to agilize and monetize their business. It is an out-of-the-box where you can manage your business and gain online presence. You have at your disposal a set of product engines, which allow you to search and find in seconds the best offer. Communicate effectively with your client and manage all the travel documentation, payments and invoicing in one place. Its parameterization is extremely quick and simple and is available at a very competitive price. 
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Complete Solution for Tourism Industry

KEYforTravel is the complete platform for travel industry, offering a global set of business engines to distribute all types of products, a strong platform to manage and promote your offer, a complete management environment to supervise your business and an accurate and real-time control panel to measure and fine tune the day-to-day business operation. 
Manage multiple brands, sell on multiple markets and distribute your product throught multiple channel. 
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