Management control

KeyForTravel platform offers reliable tools to business managers to dynamically control their travel business health where business managers can continuously monitor and evaluate their business status and  take a global view about business relations with their customers and product providers.

KeyForTravel provides a simplified and aggregated view of both customers and product providers transactions by using business intelligence and OLAP technologies.

With OLAP multidimensional data, business managers can analyze their business according to multiple perspectives and uncovering new market opportunities.

KeyForTravel platform offers a new paradigm for determining business status in real-time.

Head Up Business Display (HUBD) is a skin-like tool working on top of each front-end, providing multiple real-time measures (e.g. number of customer views per product, number of reservations per product, income per product).

HUBD gives you all business metrics with no need for additional third party tools.

With HUBD you get all the information directly from the front end.

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