Tour Operator

KeyForTravel Tour Operation Manager is a multi-platform and multi-channel, available for all customer interfaces, such as sites, call centers, and stores, and also for B2B or B2C business models.

KeyForTravel Tour Operation Manager supports:
  • A wide spectrum of packages configurations, from closed ones to client configurable;
  • It provides a set of tools that wholesaler can use to build and to analyze selling scenarios, tuning the product contracts, not only during package configuration, but also along the selling process.
KeyForTravel Tour Operation Manager has its business engine, which provides:
  • Not only usual engine features, namely search, availability and booking, but also manage the allotments for packages and its individual products and the passenger distribution for each service.
  • A set of tools in order to manage the package life-cycle flow, from boarding documentation to operational maps or lists to service providers;
  • Tools to edit customer details or redistribute it from other product options or simulators to create selling scenarios.

A product of Viatecla - 2018 contact us for more information