Reduce your cost

Agent productive
KeyForTravel platform provides an agile and productive environment for the agents to manage day-to-day operations. With a powerful web interface that easily allows any agent to manage a booking or file, the KeyForTravel platform is your choice to reduce operational costs and boost your business.

Transparent document

Integrated with a complete set of business engines on the operational environment, travel agents can access and create bookings in a fast and precise way, providing the best service to your customers. Communication with the customer and document management done in an agile way, and the environment grants a complete history track for all the business process.

Complete process

At any moment, each authenticated user accesses a complete view of all running processes, customer historic data, payment status and document issuing.
With the management tools available out of the front-office environment, the company's agents easily manage both customers' accounts, files and reservations, as well.

Daily agent production

KeyForTravel platform makes available the right tools for supporting team members with customer management activities
Automatic, on-going communication with the customer
Dedicated support to specific email communications
Automatic documentation generation, in PDF or other standard formats
Support for document templates, with the organization own look-and-feel
Access to the customer communication global history

Fully integrated billing solutions

The KeyForTravel platform makes available a complete set of tools for addressing all files and reservations features.
Access to each operator's MyProcesses dedicated area
Access to all files and bookings data
Creation of bookings by business engines
Real-time, criteria-based searching tools
Live access to products availability
Real-time access to payment methods
Access the file-related actions history
Booking cancellation whenever supported by product providers
Modification actions (namely services and fees)
before the invoicing cycle became completed

Complete control
Improve cost efectiveness
Sophisticated 100% web

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