KeyForTravel is the innovative travel management platform, offering the travel industry the right tools for a strong promotion strategy close to the customer and  to boost your sales.

KeyForTravel platform offers a complete set of tools to manage and control promoting environments, not only by enabling the definition of promotional contents but also by transparently integrating these contents with KeyForTravel platform product engines.
With just a single click on a promotional content, the customer can receive all the relevant, detailed information for the selected offering.

Besides the promotional contents available at the front-end environment, KeyForTravel platform also enables the definition and scheduled delivery of newsletters for direct communication with the customers, easily defined and maintained. A direct link between the promoted product described at the newsletter and its specific details is provided and maintained at the self-booking tool.

A new approach to promotion is available through the new "automatic content creation" feature available with KeyForTravel platform. This new feature provides a new way for communicating with customers by using attractive technologies with effective multimedia usage, namely video, sound and text as a single solid communication medium, which is dynamically generated upon request.

KeyForTravel platform provides the promotional business environment for the future by using agile communication methods with customers and new technology resources.

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