Travel Agencies

KeyForTravel for Travel Agencies is a platform that brings internal process efficiency, strengthens the relationship with your business partners and empowers your connection to costumers, resulting in boosting your added value and sales.

You can win:

  • Competitiveness, improving and simplifying their activity;
  • Effectiveness, faster and more reliable internal processes;
  • Focus on customer, on contact and relationship;
  • Boosting the relationship with different suppliers - to obtain better products and pricing;
  • Building an agency entirely linked to their suppliers and customers, where the travel consultant acts in the possession of all necessary elements in real time;
  • An unique tool to manage and control your business & customer.
  • Business Engines - Comparative prices, availability and reservations in real time, adapted to each organization needs, with aggregate view of own contracts, connecting suppliers;
  • Front Office - Complete customer management, reservations and files, including communication with customers and suppliers; documentation generation and billing;
  • Back Office - Product management, own inventories, prices, margins and booking fees;
  • Promotion - it's extent, periodic, the timing and segmented.
  • Automatic, on-going communication with costumer;
  • Dedicated support to specific email communications;
  • Automatic documentation generation, in PDF or other standard formats;
  • Support for document templates, with organization own look-and-feel;
  • Acess to the customer communication global history.

A product of Viatecla - 2018 contact us for more information