Supplier services

The KeyForTravel platform allows service suppliers not only to distribute their products directly to the the final customer (B2C) or business partners (B2B), but also to complement their offer with other services.

Regardless of your core business, our platform allows you to directly distribute your services in a multi-channel environment to a direct customer or a business partner, easily manage your sell operations and connect your offer with various other products in order to expand your business.

To fidelize your customer's Keyfortravel offer a complete set of business engines and tools that allow Survices Suppliers to posicionate in a complete set of channels and business models.

You can win:

• Combine your core product with other services in a cross selling or dynamic packages offer;
• Distribute your offer in a web, mobile or webservice interfaces;
• Derve each business partner within is business rules;
• Operate in a agil envirenment multiple distrubutions channels;
• Increase your business complementing your offer in other channels;
• Enabling the passengers to find more of what they are seeking, creating ‘value-added' at the time of the booking - Offering a "one stop shop"  for travellers;
• Enhances your brand.

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